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Graduation Ceremony 2023

On June 20, 2023, the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) celebrated its momentous 20th anniversary and held its annual graduation ceremony. The event took place at the Ala-Too restaurant, where the IHSM welcomed faculty members, invited guests, administration members, and proud parents to commemorate this remarkable milestone.

As part of the 20th-anniversary celebration, IHSM extended a special invitation to the first graduated batch, along with distinguished alumni from the United States, Japan, India, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This gathering showcased the international recognition and success of the institution, as these esteemed individuals shared their experiences and journey since their time at IHSM.

A total of 1014 graduates proudly donned their graduation gowns and caps, marking the successful culmination of their years of hard work and dedication. Among them, Adapa Kiran stood out, receiving a diploma with Honor for exceptional academic achievements and exemplary dedication to the medical field.

The graduation ceremony served as a joyous occasion to honor the accomplishments of these bright young minds, who are now prepared to embark on their professional journeys as healthcare professionals. The event also served as a platform for the IHSM community to reflect on the tremendous growth and development the institution has achieved over the past two decades.

IHSM has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing a high-quality education in medicine, fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation. Graduates from IHSM continue to make significant contributions to the medical field globally, enhancing healthcare systems and positively impacting patient lives.

As the International Higher School of Medicine celebrates its 20th anniversary and successful graduation ceremony, it looks forward to another two decades of molding compassionate and competent medical professionals who will shape the future of healthcare worldwide.