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Cihan University – Sulaimaniya

Cihan University – Sulaimaniya is a private English – speaking institution except for Law Department subjects that are taught and delivered in Arabic and Kurdish. The university has been recognized by both the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The university campus consists of a newly built, modern, fully equipped, and spacious complex of buildings that house its academic departments, administrative offices, and student service facilities.

Cihan University – Sulaimaniya facilities are dedicated to supporting the educational and research missions of the University by maintaining a safe, beautiful, and functional campus environment. And this is not an easy task, dedicated staff and personnel with high motivation and skills work hard to maintain the university.

The university offers various fields of study. The academic year is divided into two study periods and semesters, except the college of Law covers a yearly system. Cihan University – Sulaimaniya offers a range of choices to allow you to choose the subjects in which students are interested.

As a university, our task is to advance and promote the process of learning in Kurdistan as well as the Middle East. The university offers students the knowledge and skills needed to them succeed in their personal and professional life. Our institution’s values include a belief in a commitment to advance academic consistency, the search for scientific truth, and human development.

The University is determined to educate students to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities.

Academics and students engage in vital research projects which are shaping culture, economics, society, and politics. Recent projects have focused on international law, political stability, public administration, community health, and urbanization preparing students for the 21st century’s globalized workforce.

The university presidency, teaching, and administrative staff are delightedly looking forward to seeing the notable advancement of our university at all levels including research, high-quality education, and constructing relationships with highly qualified international universities as well as openness to society.

The university has an explicit strategy to meet the changes introduced by science and knowledge. This academic community created by academic staff, students, and available human resources can provide an academic environment to enlighten the path for future generations.

The university endeavors to connect the academic environment to international academic communities. The university, currently, is making arrangements to implement the Bologna Process which is a process aimed at ensuring comparability in the standards and quality of higher-education qualifications and this is a significant step into a new stage to obtain accreditation and global recognition.

The university aims to improve the university’s level by taking many actions including time management, curriculum development, academic debate, and high-quality research. Further, we are making use of the experiences of highly qualified international universities, scientific conferences, and instant works that lead to better achievement in those areas.

The University has been constantly reinvented and renewed in the face of demographic and policy change. This is to make sure that the new initiatives we take reflect the complexity and multivalency of a diverse and inclusive student community. Recent developments at the university give us the opportunity to further refresh and renew what we offer.

We are certain that the practices would be a good contribution to academic and scientific knowledge, as well as elevate the expectations of students of the whole academic process and raise educational aspirations.