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Collaboration agreement with Shree Mangla Hospital, India

International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM) celebrates another milestone in its commitment to global healthcare collaboration. During the momentous Graduation Ceremony commemorating the IHSM's 20th anniversary, an agreement was signed with Shree Mangla Hospital in India. The esteemed Director, Dr. Agrawal Shambunath, a proud graduate of IHSM, sealed this significant partnership.

The agreement between IHSM and Shree Mangla Hospital marks a remarkable step forward in fostering international medical cooperation. It highlights IHSM's unwavering dedication to expanding its horizons and forging new alliances with prestigious healthcare institutions around the world.

Through this collaboration, IHSM aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, research collaborations, and training programs for medical professionals from both establishments. This symbiotic relationship will enhance the quality of healthcare services provided by both IHSM and Shree Mangla Hospital, ultimately benefiting patients and communities in India and beyond.

IHSM looks forward to the fruitful collaboration with Shree Mangla Hospital and anticipates further groundbreaking partnerships in its pursuit of advancing medical education, research, and patient care on a global scale.