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Belgian Education Council

Belgian Education Council Mission

The Belgian Educational Council develops and conducts distance learning programs for university teachers.

All programs are aimed at supporting teachers in the modernization of their activities. They provide an opportunity to master and implement innovative teaching methods, to restructure professional thinking for successful adaptation to a rapidly changing educational environment, and to deepen the potential of teachers, including in the financial sphere.

A distinctive feature of all the Council's programs is bringing each participant to the result. Training includes not only obtaining the necessary knowledge on the topic, but also - most importantly-individual support of the teacher during the implementation of the acquired knowledge in their practice.

This format of advanced training programs is used in Belgium, Germany and other European countries and has proven to be one of the most progressive and effective approaches.

After successful completion of the program, the teacher receives a European-style Certificate confirming the completion of the course, indicating 72 academic hours.

Payment for participation/training/program can be made by both an educational institution and an individual.

The Belgian Education Council was established in 2014 in the city of Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.