Under Erasmus+ Key Action 1 - International Credit Mobility (ICM 171),

IHSM actively promotes the ideas of academic mobility with:

  • the University of Tartu (Estonia),
  • the University of Milan (Italy),
  • FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Graz (Austria),
  • the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra (Slovakia) among students, teaching staff and staff from 2016 to present.

The Erasmus + ICM program develops cooperation between countries, ensuring the exchange of students and teachers around the world. The program promotes academic development as well as research on the quality obtained in the countries of education participating in the program.

The Erasmus+ ICM Student Mobility Program is a unique opportunity for students to combine foreign travel and cultural experiences with their studies.

An IHSM student can receive a scholarship that partially or fully covers the cost of living/staying abroad. The scholarship amount differs depending on the sending and receiving countries.

Students studying on a paid basis and going on an exchange within the framework of the Erasmus + program continue to pay for tuition in accordance with the Agreement with the IHSM, while studying at the host university is free of charge.

Candidates are selected on a competitive basis. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the decision of the competition commission and the approval of the selected candidates by the partner university.
Partners within the Erasmus + program are universities in the European region. The list of partners is updated annually.

IHSM students and staff actively participate in the Erasmus+ academic mobility program! We invite everyone to apply for participation in this program!

You can get more detailed information in the Department of International Relations (office 303)!


The Erasmus + program has opened up new opportunities for students, faculty and other university staff who are being implemented as part of Key Action 1. Mobility of students and teachers is an important component of the higher education system, which allows universities to develop both in the Countries of the Program and in the Countries of the Partners, where mobility becomes an incentive for improving the quality of teaching, improving the activities of international and student services, for comparing and updating training programs.

Mobility contributes to the development of the best internationalization strategies, which is everywhere a catalyst for reforming the higher education system. Mobility is important and useful, of course, for students, faculty and administrative staff of universities, having a positive impact on the quality of higher education in general through the formation and development of recognition tools. 

Students, teachers and staff of IHSM can participate in short-term mobility, which is carried out within the framework of bilateral agreements on mobility between universities from the Program Countries.

Duration of student’s mobility: from 3 to 12 months (maximum).

Mobility of teachers and other university staff for teaching or internships: duration from 5 days to 2months (maximum, excluding the time spent on the road)

Mobility participants receive a scholarship that covers the cost of transportation, visas, insurance and accommodation. A grant for employees may include travel costs (one day before the start of mobility, one day after mobility) recognition of credit units (hence the common name - Credit Mobility): duration - from 3 to 12 months (maximum) in each training period.

Students, teachers and staff of IHSM may NOT apply for grants directly. 
IHSM and the partner university sign an inter-institutional agreement. Selection criteria for participation in mobility activities are determined by IHSM.

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Биргелешкен магистратура программалардын максаттары

Биргелешкен магистратура программалары төмөнкүлөргө багытталган:

  • ЖОЖдордо сапатты жогорулатуу, инновацияларды өнүктүрүү, (техникалык) өркүндөтүү жана интернационалдаштыруу;
  • Европалык жогорку билим берүү мейкиндигинин (ЕЖББМ) сапатын жана жагымдуулугун жогорулатуу жана бүткүл дүйнө жүзүндөгү мыкты магистранттарга толук стипендия берүү менен ЕБ жогорку билим берүүдөгү тышкы таасирин колдоо; 
  • Магистратура программалардын бүтүрүүчүлөрүнүн компетенттүүлүгүнүн деңгээлин жогорулатуу жана көндүмдөрүн жогорулатуу жана программага жумуш берүүчүлөрдү тартуу аркылуу алардын эмгек рыногуна ылайыктуулугу.

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