The concert program presented by the Arts-club "Talents" of the Humanities Department of the IHSM in Yntymak-2 Park on May 21, 2023, was truly diverse and celebratory. The three parts of the program, each dedicated to a different language and culture, created a diverse and engaging experience for the audience. 

 In the first part, the focus on the Russian language and the Day of the Russian Language allowed the students to showcase their talent through poetry recitation, singing, and Russian folk dances. This segment celebrated the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Russian language.

 The second part, presented in the Kyrgyz language, paid tribute to Kyrgyzstan and its guests. The inclusion of popular Kyrgyz songs, dances, and poetry highlighted the country's rich artistic traditions, creating a sense of pride and appreciation for Kyrgyz culture.

 The third part, dedicated to dances and songs from India, Pakistan, and South Korea, further broadened the cultural experience of the audience. By presenting a variety of dance styles and music from these countries, the students showcased the diversity and beauty of these cultures, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

 The warm reception and standing ovation from the audience are a testament to the students' talent and the success of the event. The dedication of the program to the 20th anniversary of the IHSM reflects the institution's commitment to nurturing cultural appreciation and talent among its students.