An important area of educational and research activity of the International Higher School of Medicine is the development of Master's degree as the second level of higher education. In accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standards of the Kyrgyz Republic the IHSM Master’s program in Public Health has been launched in 2021. Compared to the Bachelor’s undergraduate program, Master’s degree program includes research work, the performance of the Master’s thesis, and the completion of scientific and pedagogical practical training.

The content of master’s program meets the requirements of state educational standards of higher education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Upon completion of training, graduates receive state diplomas of the Kyrgyz Republic. The general management of master's training is carried out by the dean`s office for postgraduate studies, specific master's thesis is normally supervised by Thesis Supervisors i.e. leading scientists, doctors of science and professors. Compared to the undergraduate program, an essential role is played by the master candidate who carries out multiple independent tasks, the research work, fulfills the master’s thesis, and performs a scientific and pedagogical practical training.

Master Degree is a science-related degree that can be obtained  upon completion of a bachelor’s degree program. Training takes 2 years.