Academic Affairs Department

Central Campus, 1F Intergelpo street,
Bishkek, 720054

Gulnara M. Subanbekova

Head of the Department

Our department is engaged in the implementation of the educational program through monitoring and improvement of the training process. We work closely with the IHSM faculty.

In the website of the Academic Affairs Department, you can familiarize yourselves with the teaching and methodological papers, as well as regulatory documents, which include licenses, certificates, orders issued by the IHSM, etc.

The Department includes three sectors:

  1. Training Advisory Sector. It carries out the planning, implementation and monitoring of methodological support of undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs
  2. Training Arrangements Sector. The organization and control of the training process is carried out in this area.
  3. Training Practice Sector. This sector is responsible for organization, conduct and control of practical training.