Central Campus, 1F Intergelpo street,
Bishkek, 720054

Gulnara S. Moldotasheva

Head of the Department, Ph.D.(Medicine), Assoc. Professor

   We welcome every visitor to the Department of Pathology. The word “Pathology” comes from the Greek pathos (“suffering”, “pain”, “disease”) and the logo (“word”, “concept”, “teaching”). Pathology is a branch of medical science that studies the cause of diseases, how they occur, what they lead to. Our Department combines four medical disciplines: Anatomical Pathology, Pathophysiology, Forensic Science and Legal Science. The purpose of the disciplines of the Department is to study the structural foundations of typical pathological processes for understanding the theoretical foundations of medicine, in-depth study of the clinic and the use of knowledge in the work of a general practitioner.

The main task of any doctor is to establish a diagnosis of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment. Each human disease is accompanied by certain changes in organs and tissues. In medical schools, this is an important part of the educational process in the preparation of highly qualified specialists who are able to formulate and solve problems at the junction of several areas of science.