Leo Tolstoy, 17a/3 Leninsky district,
Bishkek 720010

Nuriya N. Alymkulova

Head of the Department

Our work, like that of instructors and researchers, is focused on the social aspect of people to help our students adapt better as well as to prepare them for their post academic endeavors. Our goal is to essentially expand and enrich human understanding through our teamwork with students. In addition to being Head of the Department, I am a Veteran Instructor of the Russian language for foreigners and my colleagues, as well as me, are aware of adaptation challenges that students are faced with in a new environment.

We always accept all of our students as part of our new community and try our best in helping them overcome plethora of challenges.

Our faculty is involved in fundamental and profound disciplinary research, collaborate across many disciplines, take on problems that are important to the world today, and share a passion for innovation in both research and teaching. Our students are trained in a wide range of disciplinary approaches.

On behalf of our entire Department's staff, I welcome you at our Department.

Nuriya N. Alymkulova