Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases
Hospital, 70/1 Lev Tolstoy street,
Bishkek, 720009

Ainura Z. Kutmanova

Head of the Department, D.Sc.(Medicine), Professor

On behalf of our Department team, I am extremely pleased to welcome everyone in the Infectious Diseases Department. In the modern rapidly changing world, our society faces a range of problems and challenges such as HIV-infection, STI, malaria, hemorrhage fevers and other important infections. Currently, COVID-19 infection outbreak is a global pandemic that significantly influenced the world. All our faculty members now bravely work against coronavirus infection trying to get control over its spread and provide effective treatment and successful outcomes to patients. This shows the necessity of preparation of high-qualified specialists that will be able to combat infections and save people’s lives. And that is the core mission of our Department.

The Infectious Diseases Division is dedicated to preparing next generations of leaders in medicine through teaching and application of new knowledge integrated with mentoring students to become skillful and talented doctors. This mission is enhanced by social and intellectual diversity, constant self-development and professionalism of our faculty members that are always ready to share their experience and knowledge with every person. We are sincerely glad to carry out our mission and contribute to creation of strong professionals in our field.