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Ainura M. Satarkulova


Welcome to the Dean's Office!

The International Higher School of Medicine consists of several generations of students, talented teachers, wonderful educational and research traditions. The IHSM has been conducting educational activities in the field of higher education since 2003. Since the founding of IHSM, its main goal for all these years has been the training of qualified and competitive specialists who are able to make competent decisions in the most difficult situations. Graduation of students over sixteen years amounted to about three thousand people. The IHSM is proud of its graduates. Our graduates are in demand in the labor market and demonstrate high professionalism in the new economic conditions, occupy leading managerial positions in the healthcare system of India, Pakistan and abroad.


To date, more than 3,000 students from different countries are studying at the IHSM. The School is developing dynamically with its tangible and technical base being strengthened and staffing capacity growing.


The IHSM has all the opportunities for training qualified specialists in the field of healthcare.


Students are offered the high research related and teaching potential of the faculty, modern teaching and laboratory and research premises and halls, well-developed tangible and technical and computer equipment.


One of the features of the educational process is the combination of training with independent research work, the direction of which is chosen by the students themselves. Work in scientific circles, participation in intra-university and inter-university student conferences allows students to make the right choice of the research field.


We will do our best to meet your interests. We wish you success in your education and in your future career!



Ainura M. Satarkulova