XXIX World Congress on Echinococcosis Graduation Ceremony 2023



• study of pathogenesis, modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases in children and adults;

• development and implementation of methods for diagnosis and treatment of surgical pathology;

• development and improvement of methods for diagnosis and treatment of acute surgical diseases of organs in the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities; methods for endosurgical treatment;

• development and implementation of methods for diagnosis and early detection of infectious diseases, including research in the fields of microbiology and immunology, pathogenesis and development of diagnostic criteria and effectiveness of therapy in infectious disease and endocrinology;

• physiology and pathology of adaptation in the field of molecular genetic and population genetic diseases, predicting the risk of developing hereditary and multifactorial diseases;

• development and introduction of new educational process techniques, as well as universal competencies formation of theoretical foundations in the process of teaching the disciplines;

• current issues of public health and healthcare;

• study of the pathogenetic mechanisms of students' adaptation to the low-medium-high-altitude climate of Kyrgyzstan (in the conditions of the "Goluboi Issyk-Kul Campus").