Contest Recap: The cherished tradition at IHSM’s Department of Humanities celebrated its milestone anniversary on April 19th, 2024. Despite challenges, including hosting the event online during the pandemic, this contest remains a beacon for promoting the Kyrgyz language through music. 

Students from various semesters, alongside special guests from IHSM’s Issyk-Kul campus, showcased their talents. The event featured beautiful Kyrgyz dances and an art exhibition by members of “Talents: The Arts-Club.”

The winners, selected by our esteemed jury, received well-deserved recognition:

 Grand Prix Winners: 

 Nandini Gajanan Rane (Semester-8, Group-12) 

 Das Madhujya Kumar (Semester-10, Group-42)


 1st Prize Winners: 

 Rawatkar (Semester-2, Group-27)

 Shaik Asrar Shareef (Semester-6, Issyk-Kul campus) 


 2nd Prize Winners:

 Abdul Moied Mughal (Semester-7, Group-12) Purvi Jain (Semester-6, Issyk-Kul campus)   


3rd Prize Winners: 

 Tatawat (Semester-5, Group-6)

 Chittla Tejaswi (Semester-2, Issyk-Kul campus) 


“The Audience Award” recipients were also recognized:

 Abdul Moied Mughal (Semester-7, Group-12) Tushar Balubhai Gujjar (Semester-2, Issyk-Kul campus)

 Mahiri Dona (1st year resident, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)