Central Campus, 1F Intergelpo street,
Bishkek, 720054

Ainura M. Satarkulova

Head of the department

The Department of Fundamental Disciplines was founded in 2006. During 17 years we have been teaching students fundamental disciplines (biochemistry, normal physiology and basic pharmacology), conducting research work in the field of physiology, including the study of the adaptive capabilities of the human body in various types of professional activities in changing environmental conditions.

The activity of the department corresponds to the mission of the university and focused on the training competent doctors who adhere to high moral and ethical standards. The staff of the department are high-level professionals who bear personal responsibility for the quality of their work. The teaching staff of the department consists of doctors and candidates of sciences, young postgraduates. A distinctive feature of the department is the integration of professors from India into the educational process, which contributes to the development of international relations and mutually beneficial cooperation in order to improve the quality of education.

The teachers of the department are actively engaged with students and attract them to research work. There are 2 educational and research laboratories in biochemistry and physiology in the department, where students have the opportunity not only to conduct laboratory work, but also to master the skills of research activities. In addition, a student research group «Young Physiologist» is organized in the department, which is aimed to study the adaptive capabilities of the human body in changing environmental conditions.

The department actively conducts curatorial work in order to support students for successful and quick adaptation to the educational process at the IHSM.

The main principles of our work are professionalism, responsibility, purposefulness and constant improvement.