XXIX World Congress on Echinococcosis Graduation Ceremony 2023




Central Campus, 1F Intergelpo street,
Bishkek, 720054

Aigul A. Chonkoeva

Head of the Department, Ph.D.(Biology), Assoc. Professor

Welcome to the Department of Fundamental Disciplines. This is an exciting place! We are a diverse group of teachers working on fundamental developments and how they vary in human diseases. 

We believe our most important asset are the human resources, including faculty, students, and staff.

We work in an intellectually vibrant and intensively collegial environment  characterized by extensive interaction within the Department, as well as with other basic research and clinical Departments of the Medical School. We are committed to the education of students, and the principles of diversity and inclusiveness. I would like to summarize some of the exciting, new developments in our Department.

FACULTY RECRUITMENT - One of the key factors in maintaining a rich and diverse intellectual landscape has been our success in faculty recruitment and the selection of disciplines included in the Department of basic disciplines: Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Normal Physiology.

LABORATORY SPACE - This year we completed the refurbishment of laboratories for Normal Physiology and Biochemistry. The renewal of our premises included the creation of modern fully equipped laboratory facilities.

OTHER INITIATIVES - Over the past few years, a number of other events have been launched, including: Improvement of pedagogical qualifications, development of research activities of the Department staff, participation in international conferences of both teachers and students. Organization and conduct of research teams for students.

FUTURE - This is an incredibly exciting time in biomedical research, with the advent of major insights into the workings of living organisms, fueled by the application of powerful, new technologies, and the possibility of developing molecular cures for devastating human diseases.

Please join us in our journey of scientific discovery!