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Master Applicants

MASTER DEGREE (2 years) is a scientific degree which can be received upon completion of a bachelor’s degree program. Training takes two years, most master degree programs can be finalized in two-year term in specialty of “Public Health”:       
•    Organization management in the public health 
•    Environmental health
•    Epidemiology



1. Admission to IHSM shall be carried out on the personal application of citizens;

2. When applying for admission to a higher educational institution, an applicant, at his/her discretion, shall present an original or certified photocopies of documents providing his identity, citizenship, an original or a certified photocopy of a state-issued certificate of education and the required number of photographs;

3. Foreign applicant must submit to the selection committee a document on education equivalent to the state document on higher education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Applicants must have a “Bachelor’s degree” or a document testifying to higher professional education with “Specialist” degree awarded;

4. Applicants who have submitted obviously false documents to the university selection committee shall be liable under the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

5. Upon arrival at the IHSM, applicant must provide the following   documents:

• An application addressed to the rector of the IHSM for admission to the university;

• Document providing identity and citizenship. Passport with an appropriate entry visa (if foreign applicant);

• Diploma or in case of a diploma copy it should be certified by the notary;

• 6 colored photographs of 3.5x4.5 cm in size;

• Medical reference - 086 form.


1. The IHSM shall conduct entrance examinations on the programs corresponding to educational standards of higher education in the form of an interview and a verbal exam;

2. The entrance examinations’ for applicants can be accepted individually according to the reception of documents; 

3. Entrance tests shall be conducted in Russian or in English on the specialty (Public Health);

4. Applicants having completed a foreign language program with the entrance mark higher than required will be exempt from entrance examination of foreign language proficiency;

5. Re-examination is not allowed.


1. Tuition fee for 2019-2020 academic year is ______ soms (KGS)

2. The costs associated with the stay of foreign applicants / students in the Kyrgyz Republic, including payment for meals, additional educational services and other expenses shall be covered independently by the applicant / student or an official representative, in accordance with the rules and procedures established in the IHSM;

3. Upon admission of the applicant to the IHSM, a contract shall be concluded for the entire period of study. The contract shall be signed by the Rector.


1. An applicant can apply online or through one of our regional partners/representatives.

2. Except the main requirements we have a set of other specific rules for each country. The additional information might be obtained  in the regional offices of our regional representatives or directly from our Postgraduate Office (contact information is below).

3. After fulfilling all the requirements  and getting admitted  you will be provided with a provisional admission letter and application form at your request.

4. Successful applicants are required to apply for e-visa form the Ministry of External Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Please visit:;

5. Or you may contact with the regional representative of your country or International Cooperation Center ( and provide your documents for getting e-visa;

6. For more important information please contact PG Office:

Telephone: +996 556 16 30 57