PhD program in Public Health
International Higher School of Medicine PhD program offers advanced doctoral-level research
training which is based on multidisciplinary approaches for understanding origins and determinants of health and disease among groups of population. PhD in Public Health is intended primarily for students who could pursue careers in academic institutions or in research positions related to public health care outside of academia. Apart from fostering the next generation of health care researchers and scientists, the program will provide opportunities for students to build capacity in science communication using mentoring and teaching skills, thereby helping them become educators in their professional fields.

Admission requirements for the PhD Program in Public Health Prerequisites

  1. PhD doctoral studies are open to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, foreign citizens and stateless persons having appropriate higher vocational education, confirmed by diploma «Master» or «Specialist»;
  2. Admission of applicants to the IHSM PhD program is carried out on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations;
  3. Those entering the PhD program take the following entrance exams: 
  4. Examination entry confirmation shall be made upon the submission of a passport or other document certifying the identity;
  5. Retaking entry examinations is not allowed;
  6. Duration of doctoral studies is not less than three years of full-time education;
  7. Training is carried out on a contractual basis.
  8. English;
  9. specialty (Public Health);
  10. interview on justification of their research topics;

List of documents required for the admission

Individuals applying for the PhD program must submit the following documents to the IHSM:

  1. Application addressed to the Rector of IHSM;
  2. Copy of the diploma of higher education by qualification «Master» or by specialty, or direction «Specialist» (notarized);
  3. A certificate from the authorized state body in the field of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic confirming the level and content of educational documents issued by foreign educational institutions;
  4. Passport, military ID card and employment record book must be submitted in person and returned to an applicant after verification;
  5. For foreign citizens: passport with the proper visa (copies);
  6. Justification of the planned dissertation research, coordinated with the supposed native or foreign academic advisor;
  7. Written approval from the research supervisor for the academic supervision (does not require a specific form);
  8. Portfolio
  9. Copy of the English language test certificate (if available);
  10. A list of scientific and methodological works (if available);
  11. Six photos of size 3.5⨯4.5 cm;
  12. Medical certificate 086-U;
  13. Employee personal data sheet and a document confirming professional experience (for those who have an employment record);

For additional information:

Phone: +996703609899
E-mail: /


 1. Those entering the PhD program take the following entrance exams:

  1. English;
  2. specialty (Public Health);
  3. interview on justification of their research topics;

2. Applicants with a certificate of passing the test (TOEFL iBT 100, IELTS 6.5) are exempt from the entrance test in a foreign language.
3. Admission to entrance exams is allowed with a passport or other identification document.
4. Re-examination is not allowed.


  1. An applicant can apply online.
  2. Except the main requirements we have a set of other specific rules for each country. The additional information might be provided in the regional offices of our regional representatives or directly from our Postgraduate Office (contact information is below).
  3. After fulfilling all the requirements  and getting admitted  you will be provided with a provisional admission letter and application form at your request. 
  4. Finally, as soon as your visa invitation is ready, we will mail you a confirmed admission letter with visa invitation (if foreign applicant).
  5. Successful applicants are required to apply for e-visa form the Ministry of External Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Please visit:;
  6. Or you may contact with the regional representative of your country or International Cooperation Center ( and provide your documents for getting e-visa;
  7. For more important information please contact PG Office:

         Telephone: +996 556 163057

Tuition fees for doctoral students PhD:

1. For full-time employees of the IHSM:

  • 1st year of study - 1114 $ (one thousand one hundred and fourteen US dollars);
  • 2nd year of study - 900 $ (nine hundred US dollars);
  • 3rd year of study - 900 $ (nine hundred US dollars);

2. For citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic:

  • 1st year of study - 2,257 $ (two thousand two hundred and fifty-seven US dollars);
  • 2nd year of study - 1800 $ (one thousand eight hundred US dollars);
  • 3rd year of study  - 1800 $ (one thousand eight hundred US dollars);

3. For citizens of the EEU countries - 3,000 $ (three thousand US dollars);

4. For citizens of non-CIS countries - 5,000 $ (five thousand US dollars).