Educational and morphological center

The Morphological Center is located near the IHSM Central Campus with the Chair of Macro and Microanatomy and the Chair of Public Health. The former is a university unit created for delivering practical classes in the following fields: Normal anatomy, Systemic anatomy, Topographical anatomy, Basic histology, Systemic Histology, while the latter deals with Epidemiology, Environmental health, Microbiology, Bioethics, Communicating for health, Economic, Public health, History of medicine, Biostatistics.

The campus is a large modern building with many well-equipped classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories. Anatomical dissections, practical manipulations and presentations are conducted there. The inner yard of this setting has some premises for laboratory research.

The campus also accommodates the Museum of anatomy, Anatomical dissection room, Computer center for giving exams, the Library and Resource Center.