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First-Year and Transfer Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the International Higher School of Medicine.


The IHSM offers several degree programs. In this educational endeavor, we seek students who reflect the school’s vision and mission. The main goal of our school is to prepare students to function as professionals in all areas of clinical interest. In particular, we believe that upon completion, our alumni will practice evidence-based medicine, advocate for their patients, and serve their community.


International Higher School of Medicine offers students a wide range of opportunities to pursue their studies and enhance their medical education. Our faculty members are national and some of them worldwide recognized specialists in different areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies. Diverse partnerships with many institutions in our nation’s capital along with faculty members enable students discover the ability how to treat their future patients using the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. With an average of 400 applications annually, our review process is focused on assessing each applicant's depth and breadth of proficiency in science, the quantity and quality of their previous achievements, and other unique characteristics.


The Admission Committee seeks responsible, mature, and ethical applicants who are passionate about medicine and understand that the role of a doctor is a lifelong experience and challenge.


We understand that the decision to pursue career in medicine is not to be taken lightly. The intensity of the educational process requires substantial support from family, friends, faculty and many others. We strongly believe that every applicant needs to make sure he/she is well aware of  his/her potential before applying.


The Admission sector provides additional information regarding experience prerequisites, where and how to apply, and what you should expect if invited.




1. Admission to IHSM shall be carried out on the personal application of citizens;

2. When applying for admission to a higher educational institution, an applicant, at his/her discretion, shall present an original or certified photocopies of documents providing his identity, citizenship, an original or a certified photocopy of a state-issued certificate of education and the required number of photographs;

3. Foreign citizens must submit to the selection committee a document on education equivalent to the state document on secondary education, secondary or higher education of the Kyrgyz Republic. The examination of documents of foreign citizens shall be carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. It is not allowed to enroll foreign citizens without a certificate of compliance with the level of educational content issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic;

4. Applicants who have submitted obviously false documents to the university selection committee shall be liable under the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Persons with disabilities in the case of positive passing the entrance exams, ceteris paribus, shall have a preferential right to get enrolled in the IHSM.


1. The organization of work on the transfer of foreign students shall be carried out by the International Affairs Department on the basis of an application from the official representatives of the IHSM or at their own request, subject to the requirements of legislative acts of the Kyrgyz Republic and regulatory documents of the IHSM.

2. Foreign citizens who are students of other medical universities  shall have the right to get transferred to the IHSM, provided that the academic difference to be passed (brought in compliance) upon transfer does not exceed the established limits.

3. Upon arrival at the IHSM, a foreign student must provide the following documents:

- academic certificate indicating the subjects and hours;

- extract from the order of expulsion;

- original education certificate equivalent to the state document on full secondary education or secondary vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- passport with an appropriate entry visa;

- 10 photos 3x4cm;

- an application addressed to the rector of the IHSM for admission to the university.

4. If the fact of studying at the last place of study and the validity of the academic certificate of full secondary education are not confirmed, the IHSM shall have the right to expel a foreign student without reimbursing tuition fees.



1. An applicant can apply through one of our regional partners/representatives;

2. Except the main requirements we have a set of other specific rules for each country. The additional information might be provided in the regional offices of our regional representatives or directly from our admission sector (contact information is below);

3. After fulfilling all the requirements  and getting admitted  you will be provided with a provisional admission letter and application form at your request;

4. Successful applicants are required to apply for e-visa form the Ministry of External Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Please visit:;

5. Or you may contact with the regional representative of your country and provide your documents for getting e-visa;

6. For more important information please contact admission sector of IHSM:

Telephone: +996 312 653673



1. The IHSM shall conduct entrance examinations on the programs corresponding to educational standards of secondary general education in the form of an interview and a verbal exam.

2. The entrance examinations’ for foreign citizens held in the period of August 18-24 and can be extended until October 15.

3. Entrance tests shall be conducted in English, in biology, chemistry and English in the form of a verbal interview.

4. Persons who did not attend the entrance tests for a valid reason (illness or other circumstances documented) shall be admitted to them in parallel groups, at the next stage of passing the entrance tests or individually until they are fully completed.



1. Tuition fee for 2021-2022 academic year is 466 400 soms (KGZ) (5500 USD)

2. The specified amount does not include service charge of intermediary Agencies and Admission fee (payable just once).  

3. The costs associated with the stay of foreign applicants / students in the Kyrgyz Republic, including payment for meals, additional educational services and other expenses shall be incurred independently by the applicant / student or official representative, in accordance with the rules and procedures established in the IHSM.

4. Upon admission of the applicant to the IHSM, a contract shall be concluded for the entire period of study. The contract shall be signed by the Rector.