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Olympiad on Chemistry at the IHSM

On January 21, 2023, the Chemistry Olympiad for students of the 1st semester was held at the Natural Sciences Disciplines Department of the International Higher School of Medicine (IHSM).

The organizers of the Olympiad were teachers of chemistry of the mentioned department:

  • Associate Professor - Aitkeeva Ch.A.,
  • Senior Lecturer - Aidyralieva Ch.B.,
  • Senior laboratory assistant - Azamat K.K.

60 students of the IHSM central campus took part in the Olympiad, which was held in an offline format with the following main goals:

  • Identification of talented students interested in chemistry;
  • Development of interest in the subject of Chemistry among the participants of the Olympiad,
  • Providing participants of the Olympiad with the opportunity to participate in regional ones.

The Olympiad consisted of four rounds with 60 students of the 1st semester, where each round, the students with the lowest scores kept eliminated, with the result of 15 students in the final round.

In each round, students answered different tasks.

In the first round, participants answered the quiz "Chemistry around us", in the second round they solved tests on the topic "Chemistry and Life", in the third round the crossword "Wonderful Chemistry" was given. In the final round, students solved a situational problem on medical topics.

All students showed good theoretical knowledge and excellent erudition in chemistry.

The competition ended with the following results:

  • I place - Aisha Naya (16 gr), Rushil Patel (16 gr), Faizan Badi (16 gr)
  • II place - Hase Sahil Shantaram (19 gr), Bhandari Nikhil Ramesh (19 gr), Yadav Yogesh Kamal (7 gr).
  •  III place - Memon Mohammed Kaif (13 gr), Khoda Ashfaq (16 gr), Tarapara Keval (16 gr).

All students who reached the final of the Olympiad were awarded certificates, whereas, students who received 1st, 2nd and 3rd places received gifts from the IHSM.