Medical Clinic of IHSM "VEDANTA"

Vedanta University Clinic is located also in the center of Bishkek just east of the Central Campus. The clinic is a multidisciplinary specialized center that provides medical care to people of Kyrgyzstan. This clinical setting has the following departments: surgery, general medicine, neurology, gynecology, cardiology, rehabilitation center, laboratory and an operation unit. Besides, the clinic has a so-called “virtual medicine clinic” equipped according to the best of modern standards possible. 

The university clinic operates in line with the principles of adherence to international medical care quality assurance standards. Its staff includes IHSM faculty and practicing doctors with extensive experience in practical healthcare and teaching.

The IHSM clinic is the first university clinic to function within the IHSM development program for the years 2018 - 2021.

According to the program, two more university multidisciplinary clinics in the city and two in the regions are expected to start soon.