Билим берүү бѳлүгү


TEMPUS project "Central Asian Network for Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental Health" CANERIEH ( 530634 -TEMPUS- 1 -2012- 1 -KG-JPHES).

The program lasted three years 2012-2015. 14 universities from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, India, Tajikistan, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Italy took part in the project.

As a result, IHSM has successfully implemented PhD program in the field of Public Healthcare. 2 PhD students have completed 1-month internship in the University of Milan. 19 IHSM employees have improved their English and 44 teachers increased pedagogical and scientific qualification within the project. Central-Asian network in education, science, and innovations in the field of hygiene of environment has been created. 1 international project application for grants has been approved.